Top 5 Strains to Grow Outdoors

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This video is for people 21+ who live in areas (19+ in Canada) and is for educational and documentary purposes only. We do not support any illegal activity of any kind.

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Growing Cannabis outdoors is one of the best ways to produce quality herb for yourself. The problem with outdoor growing is it usually is less controlled than an indoor garden, which is why selecting the right strains to grow outside is so important.

In this video, Trey and Rob go over the top 5 strains to grow outdoors. The selection is based on personal preference and experience, pest & mold resistance, production ease of growth, and of course, the quality.

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Strains to Grow Outdoors

  1. Pineapple Chunk sounds good will look for some seeds at the store this week, Northern Lights is a great outdoor plant mine grew 9 feet tall last year, and I live in British Columbia, Canada

  2. Great video! I’ve been letting my gorilla glue hang out outside during the day to build that strength. 💕🌱

  3. Man I wish you taught classes on how to do it all. I like sour diesel it help pain sooooooo good and lasts long. But dang if you want to party smoke more and you can time travel!!!!! It happened to me…

    1. Lol time traveling with the Diesel 💨💯

      Check out the 420 Growers Club, my class is available within the club

  4. Great vid, my dudes. Another thing I always consider is flowering time. I’m definitely keeping a list of Oregon outdoor strains that have worked for me. We gotta cut usually by 10/15 unless plants are covered. But then the rains come and rot and pm set in fast. I’ve grown longer flowering strains like sour diesel, strawberry cough, slower flowering strains like GG, and I had to pull em before the buds did their final swell. Not growing again. But strains like Grapefruit or Master Kush or Cindy99 or Blue Widow or Blue Dream always finish all the way, fat hard buds, stinky, terpy. But then again I grow different shit every summer. I like the gamble. If a strain ain’t shit in flower form, the plant material will still make some fire hash and compost. Matter of fact, I have some Pineapple Chunk seeds. Next year, fo sho.

    1. @Andres Garcia True dat. Growing outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, indicas are a no-brainer. But a brother likes a fast flowering sativa hybrid that finishes in time and has hard nugs, too. I only grow outdoor so my shit’s gotta last all year. I usually grow half sativa hybrids and half indica hybrids. I’ve actually considered moving to Cali for a longer season, too, but The Golden State is too rich for my blood. As far as GG, I’ve grown it outdoor from seed and clone a few times, once side by side as an experiment, and they never reached their full potential outdoors before 10/15 while other strains did. So GG got a boot in her ass. I didn’t have the right outdoor phenos. I’ve heard you can speed up flower initiation with light dep, if you have slower flowering strains, but I can’t be doing all that shit. Haha. Peace.

    2. Thanks homie. Very true, that’s something we should have mentioned in the video. Trey had a few strains that needed longer last season and others that were ripe and ready just in time. Its good to keep a list of the ol’ faithfuls, we have more than 5 but most are clone only strains

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