5 Ways to Train Cannabis Plants to Produce More

If you want to improve yield and quality, you'll need to train. Here are 5 ways to train Cannabis plants to produce more bud, terps, and possibly trichomes too! Join the Club ➡️ Topping & FIM: How to Low-Stress Train: Lollipopping & Defoliation: Super Cropping: Should we make a video on the SCROG

Pest and Disease Prevention For Cannabis Plants

To ensure your bud turns out dank and in abundance, you need Cannabis plants. In this video, Rob & Trey discuss pest and disease prevention for Cannabis plants, both indoor and outdoor grows. Join the Club ➡️ Music: The Breed - Praliné (from Smunchiiez LP out on May 30th) This video

Complete Indoor Grow Tent Setup (Under $1000!)

Thinking about setting up a grow tent for your Cannabis plants? In this video Rob and Trey break down their grow tent setup and share some tips for getting the best options possible. Join the Club ➡️ ------- A few items Rob mentions ------- Grow tent: Inline fan + carbon filter kit:

What Nutrients to Use For Cannabis Plants

Choosing which nutrients to grow Cannabis with can be a difficult choice for some people. First, organic or synthetic? Bottled, dry, or an amended medium? There's a lot to think about before selecting nutrients for your grow. In this video, we go over how we select nutrients and share what we

PRIMAL PUNCH – Seed to Harvest Grow Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

In this video, we'll be discussing Primal Punch from Ocean Grown Genetics in collaboration with Medgrower1. Rob shares his experience growing Primal Punch, covering everything from seed to harvest. We were recently blessed with some Primal Punch seeds from our buddy Medgrower1, huge shout out to him for letting us test

How to Tell if Your Weed is Good or Bad

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Same goes with judging the quality of your Cannabis by the look alone. In this video, we break down how to tell if your Cannabis is good or bad quality. Whether you're growing Cannabis or getting it elsewhere, here is how you can

420 Growers Club Live Q & A

Roll one up and join the discussion! Join the club➡️ Get CLtv Gear ➡️ This video is for people 21+ who live in areas that have some sort of legal Cannabis program. Cannabis Lifestyle TV does not support any illegal activity of any kind. Subscribe to our newsletter and enter to win

Common Indoor Grow Mistakes To Avoid

If you're growing indoor Cannabis, these are some of the top mistakes to avoid and what to do instead. Whether you're just getting started or you're an experienced grower, avoiding this things will help to ensure that you get some amazing quality herb in your garden. Join the club ➡️ This

4 Ways to Increase Yields in an Indoor Grow (Quick Tips)

*All of our content is for people 21+ living in states with legal recreational and/or medical programs.* Join for FREE ➡️ Learn how to increase the yield of your indoor Cannabis plants with these 4 tips. Training mentioned: Topping & FIM: Low Stress Training: Super Cropping: Visit our website ➡️ Get CLtv