Budder Cookies Recipe – Extremely Potent Cannabis Cookies!

Budder Cookies Recipe - Extremely Potent Cannabis Cookies! DISCLAIMER! These edible cannabis cookies are made in accordance with California proposition 215 Senate Bill 420. Consumption not intended for anyone under the age of 18. CAUTION! These cookies are very potent. They are not recommend for any patients with high sensitivity to edible cannabis. Ingredients: 3

2 OZ Super Strong Weed Brownies!!!

Episode #4 of 2 Girls, 1 Bong: How To Bake Weed Brownies Hey Guys, Today we will be showing you how to bake weed brownies. From start to finish learn how to make special brownies, we happen to put a lot of weed into these :) Be sure to subscribe to our

My Marijuana-Wine Sugar-Free Ice Cream Recipe

For those who just want to cut to the chase: 1 pack of TJ's Whipping Cream 4 tablespoons of Lindbergh Whey Protein Powder 4 tablespoons of Target 0-Calorie Sweetener 1 tablespoon of Nutribullet Super Reds 4 tablespoons of TJ's Unsweetened Coconut Flakes 4 tablespoons of TJ's Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds 4 tablespoons of Carlo Rossi Sweet Red

Marijuana Tips and Tricks: How to Make Space Cake

Check out Infused Eats: Lost in Space Cakes is our twist on cannabis infused cake. Kief is infused into oil for the cake and cannabutter is used for a deliciously easy medicated frosting for a double dose THC cupcake that is not as sweet as it seems. These things will