Serbian Cannabis: Between Pain and the Law

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The world is divided on marijuana legalization. Numerous studies have shown that it helps in reducing symptoms of some of the most fatal illnesses, which is why cannabis oil has been legalized for medical purposes in numerous countries across the globe.

While a public debate on legalization is going on in many more countries, in Serbia any possession of marijuana is illegal. Arrests of people with illnesses, as well as their family members, have been made. And yet, more and more people are buying the oil illegally.

Vice Serbia speaks with some of these families who wished to hide their identities, fearing the Serbian authorities. We spoke to the head of the group within the Ministry of Health who is strongly against legalization. We also meet a dealer who is willing to cook the oil on camera.

The Sacred Art of the Japanese Tattoo:

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7 thoughts on “Serbian Cannabis: Between Pain and the Law

  1. that’s too bad the oil maker….more than 5 hours to make low quality
    oil….feel bad for the guy. They need better bud and the ability to do it
    outside! 🙁 hope for a better future!

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