My Marijuana-Wine Sugar-Free Ice Cream Recipe

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For those who just want to cut to the chase:
1 pack of TJ’s Whipping Cream
4 tablespoons of Lindbergh Whey Protein Powder
4 tablespoons of Target 0-Calorie Sweetener
1 tablespoon of Nutribullet Super Reds
4 tablespoons of TJ’s Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
4 tablespoons of TJ’s Raw Shelled Hemp Seeds
4 tablespoons of Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine

Each of these batches makes 4 delicious snacks equivalent in size to your basic ice-cream bar for about $1.26.

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5 thoughts on “My Marijuana-Wine Sugar-Free Ice Cream Recipe

  1. Yum! Thanks! What keeps it from freezing like an ice cube? I’ve tried
    similar ingredients, and after 24 hours it’s great, but after about 48
    hours, it’s more like a popsicle than ice cream. It is the alcohol? The
    inulin? The lecithin? Your folding technique? All of the above?

    1. +xgym I’m guessing the alcohol contributes the most to preventing the
      freezing, but maybe also the oil from the seeds (& I’ve also made batches
      with flaxseed & almond meal producing similar texture & nutritional
      benefits).Also I keep my refrigerator/freezer temperature set a little
      higher than most people (because my perishable veggies last long enough
      when kept in the upper 40s instead of upper 30s), so if the freezer’s in
      the upper 20s instead of near 0, it’s not going to be nearly as hard a
      minute after it enters my room temperature.The batches I’ve made that have
      frozen hardest are the experiments I did with grassfed milk, which has a
      significant amount of water despite being the high-fat version. The
      downside is, as I mentioned in the video, my version has a drier/powderier
      texture compared to liquidy traditional ice cream.And note that I’d prefer
      to use grassfed whey (as you recommend for your awesome fat-burning
      “upside-down” chocolate), but it’s about 4x the price, & not going to give
      me personally that much benefit (considering I subsisted for 5 decades on
      mostly junk). I’d highly recommend using the highest quality possible for
      young people or those with higher budgets.

  2. I am Stoner and Hemp is an impotent part of a healthy diet.

    Hemp seed bread makes the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.

    Plus I juice leaves from my Marijuana plants and that is non psychoactive

    You have to heat the THCA in the Marijuana plant to like 250 to get the A
    molecule to detach and make it THC.

    That is why people smoke.

    Eating raw weed will probably not get you high at all but it’s good for

    Adding hemp seed to your diet is just smart.

    1. +kelley davis , just a quick thanks for your informative remarks.
      Being the knucklehead I am, I can’t help wondering how well you did with
      spelling & grammar in school before you became a stoner…

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