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Today we’re infusing Cannabis with a fan favorite snack to create one extremely dank munchie: Medicated Chicken Wings!

Cannabis Infused Chicken Wings are relatively easy to make, but the end result all depends on how you prefer your wings. Trey shares his favorite blend of herbs and spice, with Cannabis Infused Honey, some OG Kush Terpenes and few dashes of Kief (extracted using the Triminator Mini Dry Kief Kit).

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17 thoughts on “How to Marijuana Chicken Wings | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

    1. +Ryan Nix not that we have any issues with a person’s own choices, we have nothing but love for the stoners in the LGBT community too.

      But don’t get it twisted with the CLtv crewπŸ‘

    1. +Silent Citizen damn, props on your part in the movement dude! It takes courage to take a stand and put yourself out there like that.

      Unfortunately when it comes to food regulations, a lot of medible companies don’t seem to follow all of the rules. I’m sure some do right, but majority of companies in the Cannabis industry struggle with basic business practices and refuse to conform. As a business owner, you gotta jump through the hoops that are created to slow down progression, and it’s even tougher when Cannabis is involved. In the near future we’re gonna start talking a little more about business world in Cannabis. It’s a topic that needs some attention.

    2. Cannabis Lifestyle TV It’s not so much that they didn’t meet standard per say. The government is always trying to keep shit like this away from us. “Ganja gourmet” still exists but they are limited to typical edibles that are highly regulated. They used to deliver those pizzas. Quite a shame that they can’t do it anymore. If you’re into activism, check out what I do. Look at my Luke AFB arrest. I do first amendment audits. Smoke a bowl and watch me get arrested. I make most of my money from corrupt police.

    3. +Silent Citizen damn, too bad they couldn’t meet the standards thereπŸ˜•

      Much appreciated, thanks for the support!

    4. Cannabis Lifestyle TV Hell yeah! There’s a place here in Denver that used to make pizzas and other shit like that (ganja gourmet) but they had to stop because the health department didn’t approve of it. If I had my way, every meal would be “medicated” haha. Keep up the great work. Love this shit!

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