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Today we’re reviewing Grand Daddy Purp by Grand Daddy Purp Seeds. Now you may have seen a review we did on this strain before, but keep in mind that phenotypes play a HUGE role in the quality of the final product. This phenotype that we managed to find was absolutely amazing, like GDP is known to be. Dank, trichome covered nugs with hints of purple throughout it.

The first pheno we had was a much deeper purple hue, but really lacked the punch that you’d expect to get from such a popular strain like Grand Daddy Purple. It goes to show you that you never want to order just one seed. Lesson learned!

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17 thoughts on “Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. New subscriber I really like your content it seems well put together and has a very nice pace appreciate all the info

  2. So true..I had this happen to me…bought it once and was NOT impressed…bought it again (From a different grower)..and it was very nice..relaxing me …:)

    1. +Tom Sotheran thanks dude, we definitely appreciate that. We are very happy appreciative for the 12k subscribers we have so far, we’re confident that the community will grow in 2017 and beyond

  3. wow quick response, appreciate it, same here & neuropathy problems in legs also, again thanks for the info.

  4. Hey man great review on the GDP. You mentioned a strain you take for that does it for you for med relief. GDP is usually my go to but only available by a delivery service, mind sharing what your strain is for pain? Live in the North East go crazy up hear getting anything good for pain relief. Thanks man.

    1. +Miley L your GDP? Is it available for others to purchase seeds or would they only be able to get the bud from you? We like to review strains that people can get on their own

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