4 Fundamental Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

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In this episode we dive into the topic of growing Cannabis outdoors. Trey give us 4 fundamental tips for getting great results when growing outdoor Cannabis.

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18 thoughts on “4 Fundamental Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. I enjoy marijuana, smoking a Jay helps me get through my day with ease.
    it’s only too sad I’m poor, on state aide. for which I’m grateful but
    doesn’t help pay for med marijuana. any Compassion sites, growers, anyone
    able to pass on herb to an insomniac who suffers wout weed. any
    dispensaries have compassion programs for the poor?

    1. +Annemarie Banuelos sorry to hear you’re going through some financial
      struggles dude. Check with your states Medical Marijuana program

  2. Wow dude this is THE best video on youtube everything is on point 10/10!!
    Never seen something so good befor! Music it great!
    New german sub here

  3. Holy damn man! This is one of the most well-made videos I have ever
    experienced on YouTube! I mean everything in this video was god damn
    perfect! You’re talking was in phace, music was interesting (could guess
    that you enjoy the song more when high), super well prepared… You got
    yourself a new swedish subscriber. Fucking 10/10 <3

    Edit: And your information was also super relevant! I double checked on a
    few swedish forums and all user speak of what you spoke off! (grammer

  4. My mom allowed me to put some plants in the ground, and it got me started
    with gardening in general.
    Now I have some tomatoes and other plants next to my main jewels!
    I still like my cannabis plants more, not only because of the smokes.. but
    also because they are so stable and are happy to be topped and experimented

    Just a question, I planted my plants in the ground so I cannot move them.
    They have light from around 9 o clock in the morning to around 4/4:40 in
    the afternoon.
    I am not scrogging and they are already quite big…
    What kind of problems can I get into when they do not have enough light
    later in the season.

    1. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV NP, I have yet to watch all your video`s…
      But that often happens within the first 2 weeks of subbing 😉

    2. +YellowBlue RC thanks dude, we appreciate that. Really, that’s one of the
      main reasons we started this, to spread knowledge using good content. I’ve
      sat through 20+ min videos full of bad or useless info, when it should’ve
      been a 5 to 20 minute video full of good content that’s produced well to
      back it. So we decided to do it ourselves.

      Glad to have you as a subscriber dude, thanks for the positive feedback! ✌

    3. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV NP, your videos are really well made.. I like that!
      Really makes it easy to follow the advice and stuff..
      no wonder I subbed!

    4. +YellowBlue RC you’re welcome dude. I feel ya on that, it really makes a
      person appreciate the whole aspect of gardening, regardless of what’s being

      Glad to hear you’re covered, and very happy we earned your subscription.
      Stay tuned for much more. Thanks dude ✌

    5. +Cannabis Lifestyle TV NP and thanks for the advice.
      It is fun to see that unlike the old propaganda stereotype..
      We growers just love our plants.. and when you get into it.. you only start
      loving nature more and more!

      Thats too bad…. but I still have my auto`s producing my buds.
      So I can have both the hardest and the fluffiest!

      You earned a sub, really like your channel.

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