THC Infused Birthday Cake Batter Fudge

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* 14 oz. Sweetened condensed milk
* 1/2 Cup Funfetti cake mix
* 2 Cups White chocolate chips
* 3 Tbsp Rainbow sprinkles, additional for topping
* Product (850mg GDP TruClear Shown)

1. Pour sweetened condensed milk and cake mix into a large bowl, stir to combine.
3. Add white chocolate chips and fold in.
4. Microwave 3 minutes, in 1-minute intervals, stirring in between. Once melted, Add product, Mix Well.
5. Fold in sprinkles, gently.
6. Pour mixture into an aluminum foil-lined 8”-x- 8” pan.
7. Top with additional sprinkles.
8. Refrigerate until firm, 2 hours.
9. Cut into 1” cubes.


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10 thoughts on “THC Infused Birthday Cake Batter Fudge

    1. I believe this would work well. These, cut into 1″ cubes yields 64 (8×8 pan). 117mg per with 7500mg. If for any reason it doesn’t seem to set, additional white chocolate can be added, however I don’t feel you’ll need to.

  1. I just made this following your recipe. Very simple and delicious. Thank you for videotaping easy to follow videos!!

    1. I’d recommend a recipe with butter already as an ingredient. Cherry Now N Later recipe would work with butter or CannaButter.

    1. The Werther’s style Butterscotch candies taste like butter toffee. Have you seen that one? I’ll be doing butter mints soon as well.

  2. Amazing, will be trying this weekend. Can you make a video of any thc drinks. Maybe a syrup to add to a drink or some type of juice. Thanks again

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