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In this video, we’ll be discussing Primal Punch from Ocean Grown Genetics in collaboration with Medgrower1. Rob shares his experience growing Primal Punch, covering everything from seed to harvest.

We were recently blessed with some Primal Punch seeds from our buddy Medgrower1, huge shout out to him for letting us test these out!

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Primal Punch seeds:

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14 thoughts on “PRIMAL PUNCH – Seed to Harvest Grow Review | Cannabis Lifestyle TV

  1. 6:59 just thought id point it out lol you were prolly gassed while making this. Great video though! Would love to see you upload more content

  2. 2:56 – I like that strategy. Keep’em small and flip fast. I took a similar approach in my current pheno hunt. Good video gentlemen

  3. You guys are awesome. I have learned so much watching you and I thank you for that. I have started my first grow and finally was successful I have 3 seeds germinated out of 20. Not the best but I got 3 and now working towards a successful harvesting

  4. As usual another great video guys, thank you. Looking forward to grow some purple punge in the future but for now my tent is already so full 🙂 Cheers from Belgium.

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