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30 thoughts on “Marijuana Microwave Mug Brownie (Single Serving!)

  1. I was just thinking instead of actually putting marijuana flour in there,
    couldn’t you just put infused butter? like infuse 1 third cup of butter
    infused with like a gram or so in there, i would think that would be plenty
    of most descent herb to infuse the powder. but make the rest of the brownie
    like the way you did.

    1. yeah im actually trying the buttter method with this recipe, and i added a
      little cocanut oil to it to give it a cocanut taste, i think it will be a
      interesting addition to this one and help draw out the goodies, ive been
      looking to try out single serving brownie recipies for awhile because in my
      state, it can be hard to find large amounts, and not exactly a friendly
      area towards it either

    2. Yeah, except, infusing a gram into the butter still requires
      decarboxylation, several hours for the infusion, then cleaning prior to
      use. So it’s actually easier (and stronger/more effective) to use flour
      than to use infused butter. If you have it already made, it’s a fine

  2. Is there a possibility of this recipe working if I added kief in the weed
    mix before decarbing? Or should I just stick to the weed itself

    1. +Jordan Kinzler yup. Mind the dosage! a thumb sized bud is a strong dose,
      adding kief could make it uncomfortable for anyone without a high tolerance
      to the psychoactive effects of THC. 🙂

    2. So just put it in the oven with the weed at 275 for 20 mins just like the
      cannaflour. And then add to dry ingredients. Thank you so much !!

    3. +Jordan Kinzler if you use kief, I strongly suggest you weigh it & don’t
      use more than a half gram. It will need to be decarboxylated, treat it the
      same as the cannaflour in the instructions, here.

    4. At which point should I put the kief in? Does it need to be carbed as well?
      Or should I put it in with the dry ingredients

    1. +YellowJuana Cake I just live with with family so I don’t like getting
      bitched at lol thank you very much (: I’m so trying this one night lol. non
      medicinal first though

    2. +John D no, it’s 25 minutes, or so, for the oven part, then you crumble the
      bud into flour consistency & the brownie cooks in under 2 minutes. Make one
      without weed, first, to get a feel for wattage/cook time. But it shouldn’t
      be too awful bad, you could do an eighth in an apartment building & call it
      incense if anyone asks. It doesn’t smell like smoke or burning weed.

    3. +YellowJuana Cake well I’m only asking cause I’d be using maybe about a
      more than a gram & I’d have to do it alone @ home, the process between
      decarbing and actually making the browie doesn’t take hours like on stove
      top does it? and is there any way to kind of hide the smell? any more help
      is appreciated, our video was great

    4. Only decarboxylation makes a syink, and with a thumb sized bud it would be
      minimal. I might suggest trying it when no one is home, then the bud can be
      saved for up to two weeks before you use it in a brownie.

    1. Absolutely. Be careful with your dose, I also have a gummy recipe on here
      that works great with hash, but it would work great in this, as well.

    1. +YellowJuana Cake Also I have a 900 volt micro wave how long do you think I
      should cooo it 50 seconds? more? less?

    2. +YellowJuana Cake Awesome now when you decarb the tree in the ovem what do
      you put the weed in or on do you cover it with anything?

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