Making alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

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I am a legal medical marijuana
User! My Husband is my legal
designated grower!
These videos are meant
to educate and celebrate.
Not to encourage illegal activities
we do not advocate the use of recreational
marijuana in people under the age
of 19!
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14 thoughts on “Making alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

  1. I tried the 3 day crockpot method of glycerin tincture. I think I overcooked it because I don’t feel anything with my gummies or even putting it under my tongue. Is there anyway to fix the batch now?? Please help

    1. I have no idea….I have never cooked mine more than 12 hours on low in a water bath. Is there any chance the herb was not potent?

    1. It depends on how much you take! Do watch the newer video glycerin base can a tincture it has a newer method that makes less waste

    1. Watch my “glycerin Based Canna tincture” shows and easier way to recover all the tincture!

  2. Great video, just curious as to whether MCT oil could work in this process instead of the vegetable glycerin used? Thoughts anyone? Thanks!

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