How to Make The Strongest Cannabutter/ Cannabis Oil Using Ethyl Alcohol: Cannabasics #94

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Learn How to Make The Strongest Cannabutter or Cannabis Infused Cooking Oil Using an Ethyl Alcohol Extraction today on Cannabasics #94.

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7 thoughts on “How to Make The Strongest Cannabutter/ Cannabis Oil Using Ethyl Alcohol: Cannabasics #94

  1. If your numbers were right, 20ml of oil would have slightly less than 2000mg of THC. If you used the max recommended 5g of flower, that would make your bud 40% THC by weight, even higher (66%) if you used the 3g. Most sites say flower has 18-20% (even the ones that claim 25-34% test closer to 20% THC ) plus decarbing at best activates 80% of THC-A to THC (the famous graph of 252f for 27 min yields best results 80-90% activation) Before you think I’m criticizing, I’m not, I’ve been doing this method for a couple of years now and get insanely potent oil. It’s why I question the official numbers. I consistently over dose my edibles using official calculations.

  2. Hey! You seem like you know you’re stuff, I have a question. Could I use THC vape cartridge oil to make the butter?

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